A downloadable game for Windows

Theme : Reset

When a power station goes offline, a worker drone who is also a clone has to escape space traps and alien tentacles and reach to safety.

Use your fuel wisely, your flame thrower and jump depends on it. If you are out of fuel, reset yourself and your fuel tank. But beware, you need to have sufficient reset canisters before hand to be able to reset.

Resetting lets you become an orb, which doesn't take any damage and let's you explore. So use it wisely. 

Find and reach terminal once you are an orb to reset yourself back as Max.

DIE.... RESET..... REPEAT.....


Movement - AD , L-Stick/DPAD

Jump - W/Space , A/Cross

Interact - F , Y/Triangle

Reset - R , B/Circle

Flame - J , Right Trigger/R2

Skip - Enter, Start/Options


ConamaraChaos.zip 46 MB
Conamara Chaos (Drive)


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The Game is definitely fun. Unique idea and great implemetation. Harmony seems quite up to the mark with Dark music. Good job with the meta. Recommended